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    Our Health and Age Management centres are based on the foundation of 11 years of research and developments in this field. This knowledge then applied in the medical centres in the UK and US with successful results for over 8 years, is now available in India for the first time. Our research has led us to adopt a holistic approach to Health and Age management. This approach helps achieve effective results that can be maintained for a lifetime with some effort and dedication towards one’s fitness and health. Our Cosmetic Surgery practice has been in place for over 23 years in the UK. We were the pioneers of some of the latest in endoscopic and laser procedures in UK and the US.

    Our cosmetic surgeons are not just plastic surgeons, but have specialized further in cosmetic surgery for over 28 years. They have been trained by the best in the field across Europe and the US and have built a good reputation among their clients over the years through their clinics abroad and the media there. We are an established R & D Institute with therapeutic services in India. We have academic tie – ups with top universities in India and Europe for research and teaching. We are also in research partnership with ICMR, NIE and WHO. Our long term vision is to bring standardization in preventive health care and bio-markers in India.

    Age Management Programmes


    As an organization founded, managed and administered by doctors & scientists. We have a multinational, multispecialty consortium of expert consultants with integrated approach to treatment combining traditional and modern medicine. We customized treatment programs updated periodically in line with the latest research and developments in the field of preventive medicine. Cater to value for money treatment packages, Comprehensive treatment programs – a combination of latest medical developments and lifestyle modification advice for long term maintenance. Latest cosmetic procedures carried out in clean, sterile treatment rooms / operating theatres. Safe cosmetic procedures/surgeries with naturally looking results. Periodic follow ups for sustained results. Access to allocated client co-ordinator through the duration of your treatment program. Direct email access to consultant doctors. Luxurious accommodation provided for overnight Cosmetic Surgery as well as Health Management packages. One stop wellness centre that caters to your Health Management, Age Management and Cosmetic treatment needs all under one roof in the hands of experienced doctors. A proactive, preventive health management centre that aims to detect the possible onset of diseases and treat its causes (not the symptoms) and prevent the onset of diseases.  A revolutionary Age management centre that treats the causes of aging and thereby delay the symptoms of aging.


    Our goals are to:

    • Stop occurrence of diseases and health conditions, control existing health conditions with minimal to no medication, reverse or slow down aging (symptoms of aging).
    • Safe cosmetic treatments/surgeries in 5* consulting suites and/or leading hospitals.
    • Skilled doctors with 100% patient satisfaction rate. Provide access to naturally sourced high quality Neutraceutical and Cosmeceuticals available in India for the 1st time. Professional advice for effective results on the use of these Neutraceutical and Cosmeceuticals. Medical tourism packages in Health and Age management, Life style modification and Cosmetic Surgery with high quality client care and excellent track record.

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