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    What Is Arm Tuck (Brachioplasty)?

    Loose hanging skin, fat and flabby upper arms, can cause embarrassment, especially when wearing sleeveless clothing or a swimsuit.

    Droopy upper arms, are most commonly caused by loose skin, often resulting from weight loss and localised excess fat. As people gain weight, the skin on the upper arms stretches to accommodate the increased volume and then may fail to contract following weight loss.

    Hanging upper arms can be improved with liposuction alone, only if the amount of excess fat is moderate and if the skin is tight and elastic enough (good skin tone), to contract sufficiently, following fat removal.

    When considering surgery, the surgeon has to give particular attention to the aesthetic line concerned, in the interplay between the breast, armpit and upper arm of the female, to achieve an overall pleasing result.

    What is Brachioplasty?

    Arm lift or brachioplasty is an upper arm reduction and re-shaping  surgery. It removes excess lax skin and fat volume, and reduces the circumference of the upper arm (including the armpit). In most cases this is combined with some liposuction, to the area to achieve maximum results.


    • Full vertical arm reduction
    • Inverted L  Brachioplasty   

    Indications and Contra-indications


    • Loose hanging upper arm skin
    • Minimal to moderate skin laxity, but with poor skin quality, that still gives the appearance of a saggy upper arm.
    • Oversized arm pit with droopy fold

    Contra indications

    • Patients who have had mastectomy or surgeries involving armpit lymph node removal.
    • Infection in the armpit area.
    • Excessive sweating
    • Inability to accept the scarring

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