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    Breast Introduction

    Surgical Procedures – An Introduction to Breast Surgery

    A woman's breasts are an important symbol of her femininity. Nicely proportioned, rounded and well positioned breasts are the feminine ideal that some women achieve but most aspire to. Life, however, can take its toll. The natural aging process, hormonal changes, a less than optimal diet and childbirth can cause breasts to lose volume and ligament strength, making them sag and appear unattractive. For women with small breasts, this natural effect can make the breasts seem even smaller.

    Women with larger breasts don’t escape problems. They can attract unwanted attention, have difficulty finding clothing that will fit and suffer from the physical health problems such as backache, shoulder pain and skeletal deformities. They might also be restricted in the activities they would like to do, for instance, they might find it difficult to play sports.

    Problems like this can affect a person’s self-esteem and self-image and cause anxiety and depression.

    Cosmetic breast surgery offers a long-term solution for women.

    There are several different breast surgeries:

    Breast Augmentation – Breast augmentation, or implant surgery, is performed to enlarge the breasts and improve their shape. An incision will be made in the breasts and the implant will be positioned between the breast tissue and chest muscle. The implants may contain silicone gel, hard silicone or saline (sterile salt water). Breast augmentation is the most common breast surgery in the UK.

    Breast Reduction – Breast reduction surgery is a procedure to reduce the size of your breasts. This operation is indicated if you’ve been having physical symptoms like backache or rashes under the breasts. If you’re unhappy with your figure due to excessively large breasts and they are disproportionate to the size of the rest of your body, breast reduction surgery could be an option for you.

    Breast Uplift Surgery – Breast uplift surgery – or mastopexy – is an operation to uplift sagging breasts, a common problem that occurs with aging or pregnancy. It is performed by removing excess skin and re-stitching the skin in a new position to make the breasts firmer and restore the support. This will mean that you can wear a greater variety of tops, have a more attractive shape and enjoy increased self-confidence. If you have small breasts, this operation may be combined with breast augmentation to improve the volume of your breasts.

    None of these surgeries are available for cosmetic reasons on the NHS. If you have had a mastectomy for breast cancer you will be allowed breast reconstruction and breast implants as part of your treatment plan, but if your desire for surgery is to correct a physical flaw or improve your psychological outlook you will probably not be able to receive help from the NHS.

    Having Breast Surgery

    If you want breast surgery without the red tape, you can contact The Medical Park. We are a private healthcare practice with expert cosmetic surgeons specialising in breast enhancement. To make an appointment or request a brochure, you can send us your details via our website.

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