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    Surgical Procedures – Breast Uplift

    Breasts are supported by ligaments and if these become weakened, it can result in sagging breasts that hang. This can look and feel unattractive to the woman and can make it difficult to find the right clothes to wear.

    Having bigger breasts increases the chance that you will experience problems with sagging but it can occur with breasts of any size and may happen if you have lost a significant amount of weight or you have recently been pregnant. Loss of breast volume and droopiness is also a product of the aging process. All these causes are entirely natural but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with them. Today’s modern woman has the choice to surgically enhance her breasts to get the figure and the confidence she deserves.


    Breast uplift surgery – or mastopexy – is a procedure to lift up the breast and reshape it, restoring support around the breast to give you a more youthful look.

    During mastopexy, an incision is made in each breast, excess skin is removed and the breast is lifted with the remaining skin stitched into its new position. Your nipples will be removed and repositioned to make sure your breasts look even and natural. If you have very small breasts your surgeon may recommend that you have breast augmentation (breast enlargement surgery with implants) because uplift surgery may make them appear smaller. The two procedures would be combined into one surgery so you don’t have to go ‘under the knife’ more than once.

    If you would like to feel like you again, if you want to feel more feminine and if you want the freedom to choose more clothes or wear tops without a wired, padded bra, mastopexy could be the answer for you.

    Things to Think about Before You Have Surgery

    If you have obesity and you are not willing to diet and exercise to lose weight before your procedure, you may not be offered the chance to have the operation as its benefits are reduced in people with excessive body weight and there are increased risks associated with surgical operations and anaesthesia in this group.


    If you haven’t completed your family and intend to have more children – particularly in the first 18 months after surgery or you wish to breastfeed your children, you may wish to postpone your uplift until you are certain you won’t have any more children. Pregnancy hormones and the excess weight associated with carrying a baby can have a dramatic impact on the look and shape of the breasts. Some breast surgeries are also not suitable if you intend to breastfeed.

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    If your breasts are making you feel down, contact The Medical Park, a premier private cosmetic surgery clinic in London’s famous Harley Street (and with branches in the USA and India too). Our specialist cosmetic surgeons have over 25 years’ experience and provide long-term follow up. You can expect a consultation in a comfortable and modern consulting room and your procedure will be carried out in a non-hospital atmosphere.

    To change your life today, call The Medical Park for your initial appointment.

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