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    What is Buttock Lift?

    A shapely, rounded, firm derriere has long been a sign of attractiveness in the female.

    In most cases the aging process or massive weight loss contributes to a saggy, droopy derriere that can leave one feeling less attractive or inadequate. In such cases, short or tight fitting clothes and swimming costume are often avoided in an attempt to not draw attention to their behind.

    Fortunately the sagging and the dropping of the buttocks can be improved with surgery. In most cases lifting a buttock involves reshaping flat and saggy buttocks.

    Buttock lift is a surgery to improve the sagging and reshaping the buttock area. It aims to create a better (rounded) shape by removing any redundant skin and adipose tissue that passes the buttock crease at the (posterior) midline of the thigh.

    This surgery is not only useful to improve sagging but can also improve the appearance of buttocks that are either too long or saggy and can also treat skin slackness at specific points.

    Indications & Contra-indications


    • Droopy saggy buttocks    
    • Excess skin around the buttocks
    • Long, flat or unshapely buttocks

    Contra indications

    • Infection prone patient
    • Poor skin quality around the area
    • Inability to accept scarring

    Types Of Buttock Lift

    There are different types of buttock lifting based on the area that needs correction and the subsequent shape of the scar.

    Upper buttock lifting: Used to treat severe gluteal –trochanteric sagging.

    DTA lower buttock lifting: Aims to correct moderate excess skin at the lower gluteal crease area by creating a new crease and producing a lifting effect to shorten long buttocks, or to improve any existing gross asymmetry and even to improve a double fold.

    Medial Buttock Lifting: Used to treat mild sagging when the aim is to treat the saggy tissue and not to lift the lower crease. The scar is usually hidden by the bikini line or can be hidden by a tattoo in the sacral area which is becoming more common these days.

    Lateral Buttock lifting: Used to correct mild slackness in the trochanteric area.

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