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    What is Calf Augmentation?

    Calf implants first became popular with body builders whose calf muscles failed to develop adequately with exercise. Since then other people who are troubled by thin and shapeless calves have resorted to calf augmentation to achieve a better-contoured look.

    Calf augmentation is a means of surgically augmenting the calf area by means of implants to increase the bulk and add contour to the calf area thereby giving it better shape. The surgery is performed by means of implant placement deep under the thick tissue beneath the skin and fat of the leg. In most cases the implants are almost imperceptible.

    Indications and Contra-indications


    • Saggy and un shapely calf   
    • Poorly developed calf muscles lacking bulk and contour


    • Inability to accept scarring
    • Tendency for excessive scarring
    • Individuals that lead a very active life style (athletes)

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