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    What Is Chin Augmentation?

    Chin implant in an individual with chin retrusion, works wonders in improving appearance. Bringing the chin forward can balance the facial profile to give it a more aesthetically pleasing look. Chin augmentation is a powerful tool to lengthen the entire jaw line in an aging lower face. This also helps improve the neck to jawline angle, further enhancing the benefits of this procedure. It supports the soft tissue of the chin and the neck when combined with the face lift.

    The chin and nose are the facial features that most clearly define your profile. From a profile view, the chin is a defining aesthetic component of the lower third of the face. It’s ideal vertical projection is about the level of the forehead, with the forehead and chin framing the nose. In a pleasing profile, these 3 elements are in harmonious balance, and their relationship to one another has a tremendous impact on whether an individual is seen as being attractive.

    Since a strong chin and jawline are often identified as signs of masculinity, men may be especially concerned about a receding chin, while an excessively receding chin in a female creates a less than flattering profile.  

    A receding chin can also make an average sized nose appear too large, and in some instances, increasing the chin’s projection can bring the profile into harmony, eliminating the need for Rhinoplasty.

    Chin augmentation is a procedure of enhancing the chin to create a more pleasing look, by cutting and advancing the existing bone (complex procedure with longer recovery), by using  injectables (that give a marginal, temporary improvement) or using chin implants that give a more defined, moderate improvement.

    When considering chin augmentation it is essential to consider the overall facial configuration and how modifications to the chin would affect the facial balance.

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