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    Co2 Laser Resurfacing

    What is Laser Resurfacing?

    We begin life with smooth, baby soft skin which when subjected to various experiences, leaves it less than perfect.  Certain childhood illness like chicken pox, then acne in teenage years may also give risk to skin problems for some ,if not for many of us.  However, for those lucky enough to escape these hazards may not possibly avoid fine lines and wrinkles, which time, heredity and gravity would create around the mouth and eyes.

    Excessive exposure to sunlight, alcohol and tobacco are well known to precipitate the aging process.   Numerous other skin imperfections such as moles, warts, superficial skin cancer and actinic keratoses may also develop, over time to mark the skin.

    Cosmetic procedures like dermabrasion and chemical peels have offered relief for smoother, fresher, younger-looking skin.  Due to insufficient cosmetic results, discomfort, long recovery periods, together with the risk of scarring and pigmentation problems have kept many people from having the skin they want.

    However, we are now able to improve surface imperfections and dramatically reduce lines and wrinkles with a new and more effective procedure known as Laser Skin Resurfacing.     

    Lasers generate a concentrated stream of bright, pulsed light that can be used to help correct a variety of skin conditions. There are different types of lasers that can be used for a variety of purposes  - to help diminish pigmented areas, fine lines, scars and to reduce unwanted hair. The most commonly used laser to improve skin quality are Erbium and Carbon-dioxide lasers. Fine lines are usually treated with a Carbon-dioxide based resurfacing laser for maximum effects.

    Laser Resurfacing is a procedure that selectively abrades the upper layers of the skin by means of the heat generated from a resurfacing laser. It works by means of vaporizing the damaged skin layers and allowing the healthier cells from deeper layers to surface and form a new smoother outer layer of skin.

    Lasers can penetrate deeply into the skin and promote re-organization of collagen, which helps diminish wrinkles and improve skin tone. They also have a tightening effect, which can aid skin tone and appearance.

    Carbon-dioxide laser is generally the strongest and may be especially recommended if you have fair skin, severe sun-damage and deep wrinkles.

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    Indications & Contraindications


    • Deep static wrinkles
    • Uneven pigmentation
    • Severely sun-damaged skin


    • Active acne
    • Patients prone to keloid and hyper-pigmentation problems
    • Impaired immune system
    • Use of isotretenoin in the last 12 to 18 months
    • Extensive radiation therapy, burns or poor healing in the treatment area

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