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    What is Medical Tourism?

    Medical tourism is either travelling to another country with the purpose of obtaining medical treatment in that country or of going on a holiday in your own country where the main purpose is to have medical care.

    Why do People Travel to Receive Medical Care?

    There are lots of reasons someone might consider medical tourism. In developing countries, a sick child who might otherwise die without medical intervention can be sent to a more affluent country by a charity who pay for their treatment. This is also done for people with rare disabilities, deformities and sometimes for children affected by war. Medical tourism is also increasingly popular among inhabitants of first world countries because of the rising costs of their medical care. Treatments may often be accessed more affordably in other countries. For instance, couples seeking IVF may choose to go abroad where the bill may be half that of their own country. For people who want to have the benefits of cosmetic surgery and combine it with a luxury break, specially tailored medical retreats can give them the opportunity to have their cosmetic enhancement at a state of the art private health care facility while enjoying five star hotel accommodation – and if their recovery allows – sightseeing and shopping in their chosen country.

    Can I Tailor a Medical Retreat to my Needs?

    A medical retreat can be designed to fit your own personal needs so you can choose your treatments, and if your procedure allows, you can choose to be pampered at the spa. You can also choose a hotel that suits your budget. Planning a medical retreat is as fun as planning your regular annual holiday.

    What do I need for my Trip?

    If you are travelling abroad you will need to make sure you have an up-to-date passport and visa for travel to that country and all the necessary travel documentation. If the weather will be warm you will also need loose cotton clothing and a strong sun protection cream and sun hat. You should also bring mosquito repellent and make sure you drink only bottled water (or make sure you boil it first, this includes water you use to brush your teeth). You should also take cash in the appropriate currency as there may be extra charges for cash withdrawals or card usage abroad and not every venue will accept card payments. You should obtain a travel insurance policy that covers theft or loss of your personal possessions.

    Is Medical Tourism Safe?

    If you choose The Medical Park, we can assure you our medical retreats are 100% safe. All our consultations are with qualified doctors and our cosmetic surgeons have over 15 years’ experience in performing cosmetic surgeries and non-surgical beauty therapies. We have clean, hygienic hospitals and state of the art facilities and tranquil treatment rooms. We can also arrange a taxi service to and from your hotel so you don’t have to worry about getting to your appointment. 98% of our customers are happy with their treatment. To book your medical retreat, call The Medical Park today.

    The material on this site is for informational purpose only, and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treetment provided by a qualified healthcare provider.

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