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    Hair Replacement Surgery

    Surgical Procedures – Hair Replacement Surgery

    Do you have thin and brittle hair? Is your ultra-fine hair making you look older? Do you long for the thick and voluminous hair you had in your youth? If you’re fed up of looking at your hair in the mirror and are disappointed with the cut provided to you by the hairdresser, you don’t just have to put up with it. You can choose to have hair replacement surgery and look younger again.

    Causes of Hair Loss

    There are lots of causes of hair loss. These include having anaemia or a thyroid disorder, skin conditions that affect the scalp (for instance, psoriasis), auto-immune disorders and if you’re female, gynaecological problems like polycystic ovarian syndrome can wreak havoc with your hair. Pregnancy hormones are also famous for thinning hair and some women note their locks falling out in clumps after the birth of a baby. This situation is usually temporary but a few women find their hair is persistently thinner even after a year or more.

    Stress can also cause hair loss as well as trauma from physical illness or surgery.

    Men are particularly vulnerable to hair loss and can have hereditary hair loss so if you’re male and your dad lost his hair early, the chances are you might have the same problem.

    Thankfully, in the 21st century there are more than just creams and potions.

    About Hair Transplant Surgery

    Hair transplant surgery involves taking some hair from your head and placing it in an area that is losing hair. This is done by taking small skin grafts. The skin containing the hair follicles is inserted into slits in the scalp. As the roots of the hair are transplanted too, new hair will grow at the site, covering any bald or thinning patches and giving you a full head of hair so you can say goodbye to hair growth serums that don’t work effectively or embarrassing wigs that slip out of place at crucial moments.

    If you have a large area that you want covering, your hair replacement surgery may be done in several sessions. This depends on the look you wish to achieve and the amount of scalp scarring you find acceptable.

    Graft sizes can vary. A micro graft contains only one or two hairs and a mini graft around two to four hairs, whereas a punch graft contains 10 to 15 hairs and a long strip graft can contain up to 40 hairs. Whether you’re affected by one small patch, an overall thinning of your hair or you have serious baldness, hair transplantation can help.

    Choose The Medical Park

    If hair loss is affecting your self-confidence, you’re wearing hats in the house or you’ve passed up a date because you feel unattractive, choosing to have hair replacement surgery with The Medical Park is a positive step in regaining not only your hair but your social life.

    The Medical Park is one of London’s premier private health care clinic’s – located on Harley Street and with offices in America and India. The Medical Park has caring and professional surgeons with 25 years’ experience in transforming people. Call us today.

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