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    Non-Surgical Procedures – Laser Hair Removal

    Have you had a bad waxing experience? If the pain of waxing has put you off doing it again and you find shaving laborious you could try laser hair removal, the painless and modern alternative to waxing and shaving.

    Another advantage to laser hair removal is that it has long lasting effects so while hair that has been traditionally shaved just grows back, the woman who has laser treatments can expect weeks of smooth and silky skin.

    This is because instead of cutting the hair and leaving the root behind, the laser generates heat which destroys the root, preventing future hair growth on a longer term basis.

    Traditional shaving can lead your hair to grow back even thicker or darker than before and this is a problem you won’t encounter if you have laser treatment.

    Laser hair removal is also useful if you have the odd stray hair growing on your chin, around your belly button or anywhere else it isn’t supposed to be. If you don’t think your body hair looks feminine, having your follicles treated could provide a solution.

    It's also the perfect beauty treatment for the busy career woman who doesn’t have time to spend hours in the bathroom each morning with her lady shaver or waxing sheets. With laser hair removal, you can fit your sessions into your life.

    How is Laser Hair Removal Carried Out?

    Laser therapy sessions vary in duration depending on the amount of hair you want removed but they can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and a half. Your surgeon will hold a handheld laser over the target areas and fire short bursts to destroy the hair follicles. This shouldn’t be painful and most people don’t require any kind of anaesthetic but you can ask for anaesthetic cream to be applied to your skin beforehand if you are nervous.

    Your surgeon cannot give you laser treatment if you have a suntan or you have recently used a sun bed so you will have to make sure your tan has entirely gone before you book your session.

    Likewise, if you have sensitive skin, you suffer from allergies or you have herpes the treatment will not be suitable for you. Your surgeon may be able to suggest alternatives.

    After Your Treatment

    After treatment your skin may be a little red and swollen but this should correct itself after a few days.

    You may be free of unwanted hair for up to two years after laser therapy but the more common time frame is three to four months. After that, if you wish to maintain the effect you will need repeat treatments.

    Some ladies also like to combine their hair removal with other enhancements like botox to lessen the appearance of wrinkles or dermal fillers to give you younger, healthier and more elastic looking skin.

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