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    Male Breast Reduction Surgery

    Surgical Procedures – Male Breast Reductions

    Both genders have breast tissue and this is entirely normal even in men. If, however, a man has excessive breast tissue he may find this distressing and socially stigmatising.

    Having too much male breast tissue is a medical condition called gynaecomastia (commonly referred to as ‘man boobs’). It is very common – even if people don’t talk about it and it isn’t just related to obesity. Around a third of all men will experience gynaecomastia at some point during their lives.

    It also affects newborns because of the transferal of female hormones via the placenta before and during birth and it is a frequent occurrence in adolescents and middle-aged men aged 50-69.

    What Causes Enlarged Male Breast Tissue?

    Hormone disruption is a common cause of male breast tissue enlargement, such as too much oestrogen or not enough testosterone or slight variations in the balance of these two hormones. Conditions that cause androgen resistance or problems with the testicles could also cause it (for instance, the absence of testes or orchitis, a viral swelling of the testicles). Some testicular tumours can trigger gynaecomastia as an unwanted effect, although only 1% of male breast enlargement results from cancer.

    Being under high stress levels or taking certain medications can cause gynaecomastia – for instance, hormone replacement therapies, antiretrovirals, antidepressants that increase the prolactin hormone and chemotherapy treatments can cause breast tissue enlargement. Some herbal remedies may also do so if they contain phytoestrogens (plant oestrogens), such as lavender or tea tree oil. Recreational and medical use of marijuana can sometimes play a role.

    Being obese can give you the appearance of having ‘boobs’ but if you lose weight very quickly you may be left with breasts that droop down.

    Breast Reduction Surgery

    Breast reduction surgery with The Medical Park could be the answer and could help you to achieve the defined masculine figure you desire and increase your self-confidence, allowing you to wear the clothes you want and have the social life you deserve.

    If there are any identifiable reasons why you have gynaecomastia, you will be asked to address these before commencing with surgery, for instance, by giving up recreational drugs or losing weight. If you aren’t prepared to make the necessary lifestyle choices, you won’t be offered a surgical solution.

    If you are a good candidate, the operation can be carried out by removing the excess fat and tightening skin to fashion a more pleasing shape. If your excess tissue only covers a small area, liposuction on your target areas could be done instead of more radical open surgery.

    Surgery for gynaecomastia isn’t usually given on the NHS, but if lifestyle modifications and treatments haven’t worked for you and you don’t just want to ‘put up with it’, choosing The Medical Park to have your operation privately will ensure you are seen promptly and be treated in the best facilities London has to offer with a team of dedicated and professional consultants. You will also receive an excellent after-care package.

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