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    Male Pectoral Augmentation

    Surgical Procedures – Male Pectoral Augmentation

    Male pectoral augmentation – or chest enhancement – is a cosmetic procedure to give you more clearly defined pectoral muscles so you can achieve a more masculine and toned look. The operation is particularly suited to slight men who have an under-developed chest. It can also help reverse the signs of aging. Men are more susceptible to muscle sagging and volume loss as they get older.

    If you have exercised regularly and working out and weight lifting hasn’t built up your muscles as you had hoped, pectoral augmentation could give you the rippling chest you always imagined.

    What Happens During Male Pectoral Augmentation?

    You will be given a general anaesthetic and the pectoral implants will be inserted into your chest via small incisions in the crease of your armpit. Due to their location, you shouldn’t notice any scarring afterwards because it will be hidden in the crevices of your skin.

    After the wounds are closed you will be given a compression garment to assist your body with the healing process and minimise side-effects.

    You will normally be required to stay in the clinic for the day but depending on how you feel, you can choose to stay overnight for one night.

    You may feel sore and should rest after your arrival home. When planning your chest enhancement surgery you should allow for one or two weeks off work to recover and you should limit your activities, including lifting things, for the first six weeks after your surgery.

    Why You Should Choose The Medical Park

    If you choose The Medical Park for your enhancement you can be assured of having the full care and attention of a professional cosmetic surgeon in a modern and friendly environment that doesn’t feel like a hospital. If you are nervous of medical procedures and hospitals our clinic can help put your mind at ease.

    The Medical Park team also provide a long-term follow up and after care scheme and they are dedicated to the ongoing health and welfare of their clients.

    If you want a more developed chest and would like to look as ‘manly’ as you feel, male pectoral augmentation can give you a ‘muscley’ appearance without the hard labour of the gym.

    Invest in Yourself

    To take the first step in improving your image and your self-confidence, contact The Medical Park for your initial consultation. Our cosmetic surgeons have over 25 years’ experience and can discuss your needs as well as inform you about the pectoral augmentation procedure, potential side-effects and what to expect during the recovery. You will also be given the opportunity to see before and after photos and special simulation software so you can apply the results to your image to see how the surgery might benefit you before you have your operation.

    The Medical Park also provide dietary and fitness advice and stress reduction techniques for a truly holistic health care experience. To invest in yourself, come to our London clinic on the famous Harley Street and we’ll help make a brand new you.

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