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    Mole Removal - The Medical Park

    If you have a mole on your face or other pigmentation and you think it distracts from your otherwise pleasant facial features, you could choose to have it removed.

    Occasionally, cases of skin cancer develop at the sight of a mole, causing it to change shape or colour, to bleed or to grow hairs. Because of skin mole’s association with skin cancer, some people choose to have them removed before they cause any problem, as a method of cancer prevention.

    Perhaps you don’t mind your mole but it has begun to itch or become crusty. In that case, you can choose to have it removed for medical reasons.

    Moles develop in early childhood and continue to develop until a person is in their 20’s. An adult may have up to 40 moles on their face and body.

    The NHS will not normally remove moles unless there is concern about skin cancer, a diagnostic of skin cancer or the mole is causing pain or difficulty with wearing clothes – for instance, it can be uncomfortable if you have a mole situated where your bra strap is.

    If you want your mole removed for cosmetic reasons, you will need to seek the services of a private health care practitioner.

    How are Moles Removed?

    Moles can be removed by:

    Cutting them off and then stitching to repair the wound – stitches can be self-dissolving or they may require taking out at a post-operative check

    Shaving them off

    Cutting off the blood supply to the mole by cauterization (burning the mole)

    Destroying the mole with laser therapy

    Whichever method you and your surgeon choose, it will be carried out with a local anaesthetic for your comfort.

    The tiny wounds are then covered with dressings. The Medical Park has specialised dressings with seaweed to help your skin heal faster.

    Are There Side-Effects?

    There is an infection risk from removing moles or nerve damage at the site of treatment. Sometimes the surgeon will advise against having a mole removed if it is located on an area of the body that scars easily so that you don’t swap your moles for scarring.

    You may experience some redness for a few weeks and should keep out of sun while your skin is healing. You should allow six weeks for complete recovery.

    Have a Facial Makeover

    If you would like to look younger as well as having a blemish-free complexion, you could combine your mole removal with botox for wrinkle removal or dermal fillers to plump up your skin and give it a youthful appearance. If you choose The Medical Park for your facial makeover, we are confident you will look and feel younger.

    To discuss your beauty needs and treatment options, you can contact us to arrange your initial appointment personalised to your requirements. The Medical Park is home to seasoned cosmetic surgeons who have 25 years’ experience in skin care and skin enhancements and we can help you emphasise your most attractive attributes and feel confident again.

    The material on this site is for informational purpose only, and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treetment provided by a qualified healthcare provider.

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