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    Our Team

     Our Surgeons are ably assisted by friendly, knowledgeable and efficient staff whose priorities at all times are   patient comfort and satisfaction, with the ultimate aim of providing an informative and rewarding experience for every client. We are a professional establishment with traditional values of service and our dedicated team is central to our ethos of client fulfillment. 

    The Patient Co-ordinator is your first point of contact and arranges consultations between client and surgeon. She is your point of reference for general queries. Should you wish to talk to one of our other clients who has previously undergone a particular procedure, the co-ordinator can put you in touch with them to give you an idea of what to expect.

    At all times, please feel free to discuss any concerns with Dr Jeya Prakash. However, if there are any delicate issues that you do not feel able to mention to him at the outset, the Patient Co-ordinator is there to listen and help, putting your mind at ease and passing the information on for you. Our open, honest and informal approach at the clinic will ensure that you feel comfortable and well-informed by the time you decide to undergo a procedure or treatment.

    The Medical Park Team

    The Aesthetic Practitioner can give you advice on general skin care products and post-surgical/procedural products (camouflage mineral make-up etc.) and can assist you with any skin care related queries. She can help you choose the make-up shade that suits you best, plus make suggestions and give information on a wide range of non-prescription skin care products that are time-tested and very effective.

    Our friendly, proficient secretary can help you with your appointments and information pack requests. She can provide information on finance related queries including a schedule of payments. She will be well informed about your progress from consultation to procedure, post procedure and beyond. A good point of contact for queries regarding bookings and general progress.

    We always encourage our clients to discuss any and all concerns withDr Jeya Prakash. Should you have a simple medical query, in some cases this can be dealt with by a qualified nurse.

    The Nutritionist will be able to provide you with a diet chart that will hasten the healing and prolong the results of the procedure. In most cases this diet regime when followed over a long period of time will improve your energy levels, skin tone and help you achieve and maintain optimal weight.

    The Fitness specialist will provide you with a fitness regime to be followed pre or post procedure (depending on the type of procedure) to enhance the results of the surgery. The regime will be set in stages allowing for post surgical healing prior to starting of any rigorous exercise. In most cases (if followed stringently) these regimes have the added benefit of helping you achieve the optimal weight, increased energy levels and improved mental sharpness.

    The Stress Management consultant will provide you with a Yoga and meditation program that will help prepare you mentally and physically for any procedure. Studies have shown that a relaxed mind and body heals faster and has a history of less to no complications following surgery. He can also teach you tailor made stress management techniques to prolong the results of your surgery and improve your general well being.

    The material on this site is for informational purpose only, and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treetment provided by a qualified healthcare provider.

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