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    However much we take good care of ourselves, with the fast paced life we lead today we often do not do full justice to our health and appearance. Despite our best intentions to eat healthy food, the nutritive value of the ingredients has deteriorated slowly over decades. The increasing levels of environmental toxins interfere with the absorption and metabolism of various nutrients consumed. Stress, internal hormonal imbalance and external pollutants increase the rate of skin aging and incidents of acne and other skin problems. In such cases we can use appropriate bio available form of nutraceuticals and natural based cosmoceuticals to provide an inside out rejuvenation.

    The revitalisation and rejuvenation products we stock are handpicked international brands and top of the range. They are effective and have been tried and tested by a number of our clients with very good results. Some of these products are available in the Indian subcontinent for the first time. We have qualified professionals who can advice you on the best products to suit your individual needs and the use of these products for the best results.

    Why we need supplements?

    Around the 4th decade of life,digestive track begins to loose ability to digest food for optimal level. An older person has reduced nutrient absorption. Organs like liver and pancreas start to decline in function. So there is a decline in digestion, absorption and utilisation. We are unable to extract those essential micro and macro nutrients. Scientifically it has been proven that lack of essential nutrient damage to cells is equivalent to damage by radiation exposure.

    Recommended daily intake is a guideline for healthy people eating an adequate diet. It does not mean it has got a benefit on anti aging. The scientific community agree diet alone may not supply all the micro nutrients to maintain good health.

    The old idea of taking recommended level is to prevent or reduce diseases. The new idea is not only to prevent disease but to make it work better and improve health. So nutrient has got a direct effect on metabolism, your cell replication and health and longevity. We recommend your nutrient intake by looking at your key metabolic process at cell level by measuring the levels of enzymes, the by products of the key processes and also the bio available forms of the micronutrients by testing your blood and saliva. We prescribe individualised micro nutrient and macro nutrient intake. Your personalised supplement program can be revised every 4 to 6 months and adjusted accordingly. And supplements cannot be compensated for a poor lifestyle.

    There are 40 micro nutrients that are essential for normal metabolism. At certain times taking higher doses of micro nutrients is necessary to activate sluggish metabolism by supplementing appropriate co-enzymes and co factors. So supplements is the secondary therapy in treating metabolic disorders along with good diet and lifestyle are essential for healthy living.

    Excessive use of unbalanced antioxidants can cause oxidative stress. This is called abuse of anti-oxidants. A balanced combination according to personal need is optimal to health.

    Quality of Supplements is absolutely essential. Most of the supplements in the process of making capsules destroy proteins and other natural compounds making good supplements useless. A pharmaceutical grade is required for every supplement and top quality supplements are always in bio available form which is readily absorbed with water and passes through the intestine.

    Can you take many supplements at the same time?

    Yes you can take, as far as it has a place in your requirements. If it is unmeasured or unscientific consumption, it can cause bad oxidative stress.

    Is one supplement really enough in a day?

    No. It is impossible to get all the micro nutrients in one supplement. You must take atleast 2 times daily, different categories of supplements for optimal cell health with correct combinations.

    Why we need different supplements daily?

    To regulate our biological clock and our nervous system. Our hormone levels will be regulated to maintain bio rhythm that enhances cell repair. This keeps us alert in the morning and relaxed at night to sleep. Loss of biological rhythm disturbs the health and results in poor functioning and poor aging.

    The material on this site is for informational purpose only, and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treetment provided by a qualified healthcare provider.

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